Can You Use CBD to Treat Your Acne?

Photo by CRYSTALWEED cannabis on Unsplash

If you’ve struggled with acne in your life, you know how incredibly pesky and stubborn it can be. Whether you try to resolve it with products from the drugstore or have a dermatologist assess you and prescribe you a medication, it seems like so many people’s acne just keeps coming back. As a result, chronic acne sufferers tend to be a pretty frustrated bunch who are always on the lookout for a potential new solution.

Well, there’s a new acne treatment out there that might catch your attention and give you hope for a potential solution. We’re talking about CBD skincare products. As you might know, it’s recently been appropriated as a medicine for all sorts of problems ranging from anxiety and PTSD to pain and, that’s right, acne.

It works by helping to reduce inflammation and decreasing oil production, both of which contribute to acne. So if you’re feeling frustrated by your skin lately and are open to trying something new, CBD skincare might be well worth checking out. It’s got some pretty impressive science and before-and-after photos backing it up as a legitimate solution.