Can You Open a Can Without a Can Opener? Of Course You Can

Canned goods
Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

There is more than one way to skin a cat—and to open a can. Obviously, using a can opener is first choice. But if you find yourself without one, there is still a way to crack the case.

A Spoon

Chances are you will need a spoon to eat whatever is in the tin, so you may as well use it to get the thing open. Holding the can firmly on a stable surface, place the edge of a spoon against the rim of the can’s lid. Apply pressure while moving the spoon around the edge until it weakens. 

A Stone

Tap into your inner caveman (or woman) by using a flat stone to pry open the can. Create friction by running the stone along the edge of the lid in an attempt to make a hole. This method also works with an abrasive surface like rough concrete, but it does require a fair amount of patience. 


You know that sensation of anger bubbling in your body and feeling like you might burst? This method uses the same principle. Place the can in the flames of a fire or in a pot of boiling water. The heat will cause the liquid inside to expand and create pressure, eventually forcing the lid to pop open.