Can “Beditations” Help you Sleep (and What are they Anyway)?

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While a lot of people fall asleep without trouble, there are some who find bedtime difficult and complicated. No matter how much they want to sleep, they just can’t.

To help out, there are products such as digital lamps, gravity blankets, sleep drinks, and more. Still, for a lot of people, sleep is just out of reach.

Enter, “Beditations,” which are some nighttime meditations introduced by Latham Thomas. According to Thomas, you can “become grounded in your resting state and soar in your waking life” if you make use of these guided meditations each night.

For the first half of the album “Beditations,” it’s basically a self-care, loving boot-camp for people who sleep poorly. You’ll learn just about everything from the best bed sheets to creating the perfect atmosphere to help you relax and unwind before sleeping.

Then in the next half, you’ll learn about physical body Beditations as well as spiritual Beditations. The former focuses on releasing tension and body scans. The latter, on the other hand, will give you a metaphysical experience that’s almost hypnotic.

After some time, you may realize that the Beditations practice will help you understand sleeping more. It’s actually a gentle process of healing which is important to nurture your body.

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BEDITATIONS – Can we repattern our destiny by responding to and engaging with the rich landscape of our dreaming? I say yes! When we are asleep, when we are doodling and daydreaming, when we envision a goal, talk about our aspirations, or pursue an ambition—that is all dreaming in action. The right hemisphere of the brain is engaging in dreaming all the time; it’s instantaneous and interactive. By responding to your dream images, you are given license to play. Your dreaming can become an instrument of your ambition, focusing your intention toward an aspiration. Responding to your dream images means quite simply becoming aware. Your self-inquiry and willingness to dive deep and learn more from your subconscious mind could be a pathway to cultivating the life you desire. _ The belief that our bodies have nothing to do with our visions, hopes, aspirations, and fears has led to a deep ignorance of our psyche’s power on the physical. Our psyche filters our view of reality through those very lenses. Our identity, as we move through the past, present, and future iterations of ourselves, arises from this field of images—visions involving bodily movements, sensations, and emotions of which we are barely aware. – Support your dreams and wellbeing through BEDITATIONS: GUIDED MEDITATIONS & RITUALS FOR REST & RENEWAL Beditations is a complete audio program designed to help you get grounded, present, and centered; sleep better; and recharge your physical, cognitive, and spiritual reserves. Created for maximum benefit with minimal effort, this audio guide helps you punctuate your days and nights with ritual and a rhythm of moments to restore and heal. I lead you through rejuvenating meditations and practices, plus a wealth of proven life hacks to boost your health, mental clarity, and productivity. This information-rich learning experience features both healing daytime practices and calming nighttime sessions, each with my personal guidance. You'll also learn best practices, nightly rituals, and many other ways to boost your physical and mental energies, optimism, and productivity. _ Available for FREE when you sign up for @audible_com! Purchase on @soundstrue, @amazon

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