Bullet-proof your relationship

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Use these tips to help strengthen your relationship, and you’ll see the benefits in no time. Enjoy the warmer weather, and go all-out on romance.

Make it a fragrant affair

Flowers are associated with romance for very good reasons. Lavender has probably got the most relaxing effect of all flowers, so why not visit a lavender farm from Oregon to Pennsylvania and enjoy lavender-infused wine while holding your partner’s hand.

The Lilac Festival in Rochester, New York or in Mackinac Island, Michigan, and the Tulip Time festival in Holland, Michigan are also perfect for getting your romance on.


Focus on yourself first

If you have a good relationship with yourself and high self-esteem, you’re likely to have healthier relationships and cope with conflict more constructively.

So take care of yourself first to ensure a healthy relationship. You should really be treating yourself as you would a beloved friend.

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Look for the positive

Basically, this is a fake it ‘til you make it type of move. For example, if your partner cooks you breakfast, forget about the fact that he regularly moans about how you carry out some mundane chore. Look for the positive, and you’ll find it.