Bones and Your Precious Pooch

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

The bone is a stereotypical treat for a dog. Or is it? This is a topic on which there is much debate. However, most experts would agree that a bone is not the best option when it comes to a doggie treat.

This is especially true of cooked bones. Raw bones are regarded as more dog-friendly because they are softer and easier to digest.

But even though raw bones are a healthier option, they still come with risks:

The danger

Dental risk – A bone can be so hard that it fractures a dog’s tooth.

Oral risk – sharp bones can cut the tender insides of your dog’s mouth.

Obstructive risk – If your dog tries to swallow a bone, it can obstruct the airway and impede breathing.

Digestive risk – during digestion pieces of bone can get trapped along the way and cause irritation to the bowel.

Are there alternatives?

There are plenty of doggie treats that can be substituted for a bone.

Let’s face it, most dogs love to chew, and if you don’t give them something, they’ll chew all the wrong things! Look at alternatives at the pet store or consult with your vet.

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