Biologist Creates These Amazingly Precise Metallic Replicas of Ancient Fossils

Image via dadrummond/Instagram

D. Allan Drummond works as an Assitant Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at The University of Chicago during the day. He has his lab called Drummond Lab there. When he’s done for the day, he likes to devote time to his hobby – creating incredibly realistic replicas of creature from fossil records.

Drummond explained his work for Colossal, saying:

“So far, as a scientist, I’ve been on a slow journey to the bottom, to the deepest level of detail, from seeking to explain patterns of evolution spanning the tree of life, to probing how cells react to their environment, to tinkering with the pieces and parts of molecules swarming inside those cells. The details go all the way down, remaining absorbing and also consequential, worth knowing about and studying. That sensation of unexpectedly interesting detail is what I try to capture in my sculpture.”

Drummond sculps the fossils digitally using the comprehensive data he has access to. He prints the models with a 3D printer in wax, before casting them in bronze. He then adds the finishing details by hand.

You can see Drummond’s work on Instagram where he shares both in-progress pictures and the completed creatures.