Best Winter Nail Polish Colors

Looking for ideas for what color to paint your nails this winter? Here are some fantastic choices perfect for the season.

Dark Taupe

A classic color that’s perfect for winter, dark taupe reminds us of the cozy cashmere and knit sweaters that keep you so warm during the year’s colder months.


A dark, deep red shade is a fantastic choice for winter, bringing in the darker, jewel-toned vibe that always works well in the cold with the red color that is so festive for Christmas.

Winter White

While the typical, obvious choice is a darker nail shade for winter, white is actually a gorgeous choice for winter color, making you think of beautiful snow.

Twinkly Purple

A sparkly purple nail color is glam and fun, perfect for a party or safely social-distanced winter holiday celebration.

Deep Purple-Black

If you do want to lean into the classic dark, nearly-black nail color for winter, choosing a black with a purple hue is a great twist on this timeless trend.