Best Ways to Wear Seashell Jewelry This Summer

Photo by SEASHELL IN LOVE - Kristin on Unsplash

Seashell jewelry made a huge comeback last year, and it’s still one of the biggest summer trends. If you still haven’t embraced this trend, here’s a couple of great ideas that will spark your imagination.

Simple Necklace

If you want to welcome seashells into your life without going overboard, simple necklaces and chokers are the best way to do it.

Layer Up!

Seashell chokers look great on their own, but that’s not the only way to wear them. You can also add a couple more layered necklaces to the mix and see how they look together.

Bracelet Bonanza

Seashell bracelets are often sold in packs of two or three, so you can also wear them this way. Sharing them with your friends so you could have matching summer bracelets is also a fun idea.

Big Earrings

Most girls wear their hair up once summer arrives to avoid the heat. If that’s the case with you, consider using big shell earrings to help your hairstyle really stand out.