Best Ways to Put Your 2020 Planner to Some Good Use

Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash

You’ve probably seen countless memes about planners being the worst investment of 2020, but that shouldn’t stop you from putting yours to some good use. If all your plans for this year fell apart, here’s a couple of creative ways to utilize your half-empty planner.

Reading Journal

If you’re a huge bookworm and can’t imagine a day without reading, you can transform your planner into a reading journal. Track your progress and write down your thoughts and interesting quotes into the daily sections of your planner.

Quote Book

Speaking of quotes, you can also fill your old journal with your all-time favorites. Pick one that fits the mood of each day and write it down in your journal.

Travel Journal

Even if you’re not going anywhere at the moment, you can keep your passion for travel alive by journaling. Pick a single city or a tourist attraction you visited for each week, and write down different memories from it and interesting facts about it every day.