Best Way to Break Bad Binge-Watching Habits

Watching Netflix
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Binge-watching Netflix is pretty much everyone’s favorite pastime these days, but it has its downsides. You might find yourself neglecting your responsibilities and other hobbies due to excessive binging, but there are things you can do to take control of your TV time.

Set a Limit

Setting clear boundaries is a good way to maintain a healthy balance between Netflix and the outside world. Set a specific number of episodes or a time limit for every day, and stop watching TV once you cross that number.

Have a Schedule   

If binge-watching is interfering with your other responsibilities, having a schedule is a good idea. Allocate specific time slots for watching your favorite show, ideally after you’re done with all the important chores for the day.

Find Other Hobbies

Rewatching The Office for the tenth time might be fun, but there’s more to life than your favorite sitcom. Limiting your binge-watching time will inspire you to explore other hobbies and discover new activities that bring you joy.

Remove Temptations

You can also remove the temptation to watch TV by deleting steaming apps from your devices, logging out of your account, or rearranging your home so you have a separate entertainment zone.