Best Plants For Decorating Your Bathroom

Photo by intan Indiastuti on Unsplash

Plants can brighten up a bathroom and give it a nice spa vibe, so here are some of the most charming houseplants that love humidity, so you can easily use them for decorating your bathroom.


Calathea is a charming houseplant with unusual green-reddish leaves. It will thrive in high humidity and low sunlight, which makes it a perfect plant for decorating a bathroom.


Pothos is a beautiful trailing plant, so it’s great for giving your bathroom a nice tropical vibe. It’s easy to care for because it loves humidity and needs indirect light.


This beautiful plant with vibrant heart-shaped leaves needs regular misting, so keeping it in the bathroom is certainly a good idea. Try to keep it near a window though, because it loves bright, but indirect light.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily is a popular houseplant because of its stunning beauty and easy care. These plants come from tropical rainforests, which means they love humidity and can thrive in low-light spaces, so you can easily keep them in your bathroom.


Bamboo grows in water, so high humidity won’t be a problem for this plant. It can also grow in low light, so make sure to use it for decorating your bathroom.