Best Natural Air Fresheners You’ll Want to Try

Natural is always better. We know that from everyday practice, so why not try use more often? Since the holiday season is coming up, you can transform your home into a cozy nest with the range of natural air fresheners we have prepared for you. They are all easy to find and make, plus will be great on your budget.


This is a blend of dried flowers combined with any essential oil that you like. The final result is an amazing smell that will fill all of your rooms. It is one of the best natural air fresheners which is also very easy to make.

Cinnamon Candles

If you are obsessed with cinnamon, this is the perfect option for you. Put some cinnamon sticks around a candle that you have and enjoy the aroma.

Pomander Balls

Use oranges, lemons or grapefruits to get the mesmerizing smell from pomander balls. They are a combination of a citric fruit with cloves. They smell just as good as they look. Pomander balls are among the best natural air fresheners you can make at home.

Simmering Pots

Get a pot, water, lemons, and some herbs and spices. You can make a simmering pot with literally any aromatic fruit that you have at home. Once the water starts to simmer, the whole space will be filled with an alluring smell.