Best Nail Art Ideas for the Trending Squiggle French Manicure

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

If we had to pick the biggest nail art trend in the world right now, squiggle French manicures would win by a long shot. Everyone from our favorite celebrities to TikTokers seems to love them, and this chic nail art design comes in many different shapes and forms.

Black and White

If you want to keep your nails simple, how about getting squiggles in the most timeless color combo on the market—black and white?

Just Add Color

The best way to fully embrace the playful nature of this rising nail art trend is to experiment with colors. Why just stick to black and white when you can get squiggles in all the shades of the rainbow?

Color Scheme

If you want to find the middle ground between the previous two ideas, how about sticking to a single color scheme? Your squiggles can come in several different shades of the same color, making your manicure classy and playful at the same time.

More Than French

This nail art trend is being compared to French manicure because the squiggles usually only cover the tips, but that’s not the only option. Feel free to experiment and ask your nail artist to draw this pattern all over your nails.