@best.dressed Will be Your New Online Obsession

Do you know YouTuber and content creator #best.dressed? If not, then get ready for your new online addiction. Ashley, aka best.dressed, is a YouTuber and young content creator who lives in New York City. Ashley is a graduate of the Los Angeles Film School, focusing mostly on fashion, lifestyle, and DIY, while expressing a refreshing and special approach to life these days.

Ashley specializes mainly in buying second-hand clothes and upgrading them using a home sewing machine, and the products of her creations, are simply amazing.

Ashley draws inspiration from leading high-fashion brands such as Chanel and Gucci, as well as from popular everyday brands such as Urban Outfitters, Adidas, Zara, and more.


In addition to fashion-related content, Ashley shares with her 3 million followers on YouTube and her 1.6 million followers on Instagram, tips for DIY upgrades she does at home, including tips for home gardening, wallpaper art, wall painting, and more.

Ashley shares her everyday life with her followers in an honest and empathetic way, as she shares both personal events that happen in her life as well as her coping with anxiety and depression.

Only 23 years old, Ashley is one of the most prominent online women for 2020.