Best DIY Valentine’s Day Tutorials That You Have to Check Out

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

Coming up with a perfect Valentine’s Day gift isn’t easy, but how about making one on your own? If you’re out of ideas and looking for inspiration, YouTube is filled with tutorials for amazing homemade Valentine’s Day presents that are super-easy to make.

Lone Fox

Drew Scott of Lone Fox is a true master of making DIY gifts people would actually love to receive. His Valentine’s Day tutorial will teach you how to make a polaroid booklet display, a heart-shaped chain, chic coasters, and a customized bottle of wine.

Celyn Angelica

If you’re a huge fan of trendy and aesthetically pleasing DIY projects, Celyn Angelica’s YouTube channel will be your heaven on Earth. Spotify glass art is one of the most popular DIY gifts at the moment, and you can learn how to make it here, together with angel wing earrings and a pearl grocery bag.

Joli Noelle David

Looking for a personalized Valentine’s Day gift that celebrates your relationship? DIY boxes are always a good idea. The tutorial shared by Joli Noelle David is a useful pointer, but you can easily modify it with your own ideas and get as creative as you want.