Best Destinations for Trip of a Lifetime

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. Photo by Caroline Ebinger on Unsplash

No matter where you go, traveling and exploring the world is always fun. Still, some destinations are especially worth planning and visiting as they will give you incredible memories to last a lifetime. Here are our top picks for travel destinations everyone should visit at least once.


Greek island Santorini is famous for its white houses and blue churches, gorgeous beaches and even more beautiful sunsets. No wonder it’s the ultimate honeymoon destination.


More and more luxurious hotels are popping up in Marocco’s capital, proving that this is a popular travel destination for people all over the world. You won’t be able to resist the city’s colorful markets and charming streets.


If you want to follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, Galápagos should be on your bucket list. The island is a home to diverse wildlife so snorkeling is a must.

One of my personal favorite moments of all times. This is not for likes, but to share my fascination for our planet with you. I`ve always loved reptiles and this particular species, a marine iguana has been on top of my list to experience in its natural habitat as we can only protect what we know. My dream was to encounter them in the ocean, where they feed on seaweed on the sharp lava rocks of the Galapagos islands. I had an image in mind that I wanted to shoot, traveled halfway around the world with a 10kg underwater camera, carried a wetsuit in my backpack and spent countless hours snorkeling in the cold waters of the Pacific to finally get to this moment. You might notice the photo is has some technical flaws. It´s not my usual standard I´d publish, but that moment was my moment of last year. It´s not the pictures that tell the full story, they are still just tools to bring us back to the magical encounters we try to preserve in our memories. Chase your dreams. They´re waiting to be made reality.  #Galapagos #marineiguana

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Provence is a region of southeastern France, famous for its lavender fields, charming villages, and delicious Mediterranean food.