Beautiful and Simple Mason Jar Light

Image via its_miss_bianca/Instagram

Mason jars are all the rage at the moment, and for good reason. They are super high in versatility, being used for cooking, eating, and decor. Although Mason is just a brand, you can really use any kind of empty DIY project that includes jars. For this project, learn how to turn an old jar into a beautiful light. It is super easy and requires no heavy tools at all!


For this DIY project, you only need a jar, yarn, tape, spray paint, and tea lights or fairy lights. You can completely customize this light with different sizes of jars, and different spray paint colors.


  1. Make sure your jar is fully clean on the outside and in.
  2. Wrap yarn around the jar in whatever design you want. It can be a simple spiral or crazy lines in every direction, just make sure to tape it so it stays tight.
  3. Spray paint the jar and let it dry.
  4. Once it has dried, take off the yarn and put in either a tea light or some small fairy lights!

Where To Use It

This light makes a great centerpiece on a dining room table, or in the bedroom or bathroom.