Beautiful Instagram Accounts for Plant Lovers

Plants make our homes more beautiful and our lives a little bit richer. They’re one of the biggest interior decor trends right now and that’s not going to go away anytime soon.

And just as it goes these days, social media have brought the passion for plants to a new level. Phone in your hand can draw you into the world of endless photos of homes, carefully staged to look flawless, and it won’t be long before you want to have your own green oasis. Here are some of our favorite Instagram accounts you can follow if you want some plant inspiration!

Lost in Plantopia

Jen from Lost in Plantopia lives in Toronto, Canada. “Lost in Plantopia started off as a creative outlet for me to geek out on plants from an anti-colonial perspective,” she wrote on her Patreon page.

House Plant Journal

This wonderful account is quickly approaching half a million followers! Darryl Cheng, a guy behind it, wrote a book called The New Plant Parent last year.

The Sill

The Sill is one of the best proofs that Instagram pages about plants are insanely popular. “The best looking plants on the internet. Shipped direct to you. Good mood guaranteed,” says the page description.