Be a Thanksgiving Leftover Pro with These Tips

Image by Peteer/Depositphotos

Thanksgiving is all about food and being thankful, but by the end, you always end up with so many leftovers. If you want to use them all up in a smart way, follow these tips.

Transform It

There are so many creative ways to turn your Thanksgiving leftovers into new and innovative dishes. You can put your extra turkey and veggies into a quiche with a storebought pie dough and some eggs, you can go with a play on chicken and waffles and do turkey and waffles with sweet cranberry sauce, or try out your own recipes!

Freeze It

While making more recipes with Thanksgiving leftovers is a good idea, sometimes you just want to save some food for later! Freezing is a great idea and lets you have Thanksgiving all over again whenever you like. Any turkey leftovers can be frozen for up to 3 months, mashed potatoes made with dairy will last up to 1 year, and even your dinner rolls can be stored and saved for up to 3 months.

Pass it On

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving with friends and family, don’t be bashful about asking them to take things home! Even if you made things, just stock up on disposable containers and let everyone take home a mini Thanksgiving meal for the days to come.