Be a Better Traveler in 2019

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2019 is coming up just around the corner, and most people are concerned about making resolutions for themselves. A lot of times, making resolutions don’t always come to fruition, so this year, why don’t you change it up and try to just work on things you’re good at. If you’re a traveler, there’s always room for growth, so try to follow this guide to be a better traveler this year.

Be Greener

Traveling is always amazing, but sometimes getting places can be harsh on the environment. If you have the time and the resources instead of flying everywhere, see if you can use other modes of transportation like trains, buses, or rideshares. This greatly reduces your carbon footprint and is a simple adjustment to make.

Learn More Languages

If you tend to travel to places where you don’t know the language, start jotting down words and phrases while you’re there. Even if they use a different alphabet, transliterate the words so you can actually thank people or ask for things in the native language.

Support Local

Wherever you go, don’t rely on big chains, try to support the local economy. Whether that means shopping at local stores or going to restaurants that use local produce or serve┬álocal beer, do your best to contribute.

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