Ava Max Shares Incredible Backstory Behind Her Signature Hairstyle

Ava Max. Photo by MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock (9998609e)

Ava Max is taking over the world with her breakout single “Sweet but Psycho”, but her amazing voice isn’t the only thing that will catch your eye. She also has one of the most distinctive hairstyles – and it actually comes with a pretty interesting backstory.


Her signature “Max Cut” features a shoulder-length bob on one side and long hair on the other. Getting this hairstyle wasn’t entirely planned – it was a happy accident that happened during one of her baking adventures.

“One day I cut my hair, my actual hair, cut it on the right side, and I remember I had something in the oven – I think they were chocolate-chip cookies. And I run downstairs without cutting the other side,” recalled Max during an interview with Vanity Fair.


After seeing her reflection in the mirror, the rising pop star realized she finally found the perfect haircut that suits her after years of trying different lengths and colors. She felt comfortable in her own skin, and this signature style helped her find her own voice.

“I wanted to show that doing something daring and unique is okay. The Max Cut represents strength, confidence, and being comfortable in your own skin. Setting trends, not following them,” she explained.