Artist Creates Amazing Food Art from Raw Fish

Most of you know what sashimi is – a famous Japanese delicacy made from exceptionally fresh raw fish that is sliced into tiny little pieces. This is a must-eat food if you’re ever in Japan and is a perfect way to fully enjoy seafood.

Meanwhile, mikyoui0 on Instagram brought the art of preparing sashimi to a whole new level. He combined his love for preparing food with vivid imagination to create incredibly beautiful creatures from raw fish. The end result is amazing, and every one of his dishes is a piece of art.

Our culinary master apparently started this interesting project when he decided to teach his son how to prepare food. He thought it would be a good idea to make these cooking lessons fun and try a different approach. Well, if making art out of food isn’t fun, we don’t know what is.

The artist uses various kinds of fish and ingredients to make different creations, and it’s the details that make them so special. Have a look at some of his work and maybe it’ll inspire you to do something creative in the kitchen, too.