Are You a Hat Person?

Have you often looked at photos in fashion magazines and seen models rocking beautiful hats and thought to yourself, “I wish I could wear that.” Well, now you can! Of course, not every hat is going to suit every person but there is definitely a hat for you out there.

Hats can make your outfits stand out a little more, and also keep your head warm and hair protected. Here are a few ideas of hats that you can try to make you feel a little more stylish.


The beret comes from France and is so chic it looks great with most outfits. They don’t have much structure so you can style them in many ways and each one will look different on everyone. They are chic and sophisticated and are a really great winter staple.


A boater has a flat top and wide brims that don’t move. Most have a ribbon around the crown and are made of straw — very much a summer hat. You can find them in felt or wool material so you can wear this shape in the fall/winter too. They look great with a summer dress and sneakers.


The Bucket/fisherman hat originated in the ’90s and is back in fashion this year. You can find them in an assortment of materials including fur and denim.


Cloche is French for bell and this style is exactly what the name describes. This hat reminds us of a very stylish 20’s film star. It’s made with wool or felt and has some sort of design on the side to add a little flair to your style.