Amy Le is Serving Some Major Nail Art Inspiration of Instagram

In the time when long, extravagant, acrylic nails seem to be ruling the world, nail artists who focus on more natural designs sometimes struggle to stand out—and then there’s Amy Le. She attracted a huge following thanks to her adorable detailed nail art designs.

Le is a professional nail artist based in Los Angeles, and she’s best known for her detailed, hand-drawn custom nail designs. Her Instagram page @amyle.nails attracted 160,000 followers so far, and she went on to create nail art that appeared in leading fashion magazines, such as Elle and Nylon.

Le finds inspiration for her nail art everywhere around her and usually creates nail art while she’s doing other things, like watching Netflix or FaceTiming her friends. She can create 3-4 looks in a single day, depending on their complexity and her mood at the moment.

Le may not be creating long, acrylic nails that are super-stylish right now, but that’s not stopping her from starting new manicure trends. She’s one of the artists responsible for putting velvet nails on the map, and they seem to be her most-requested work right now.