Alternative Uses Of Used Teabags

Photo by Drew Taylor on Unsplash

For most people, teabags are treated as items that are used only once and then become guests of trash bins. Though most people may not be of the idea that these little pieces of dump teabags can solve a whole load of problems, these used teabags can fathom household challenges.

Removes Fridge Odors

Despite most people resorting to using baking soda tea bags can as well do the job perfectly. Stuffing up a container with leftover tea bags and stashing it inside your fridge helps to solve the problem of odors.

Helps with removing rust

Teabags have been regarded as a resort to rusting cookware thanks to the tannin component which is a de-oxidant. By rubbing a used teabag while cleaning cookware on a rusted surface you are saving off the utensil from rust infestation.


The element tannin in tea can be used as a tenderizer when marinated in meat. This is made possible by letting the meat soak for a while.

Medicinal use

Most individuals utilize tea astringent properties to solve the problem of puffy eyes. It’s advisable to place used warm teabag on each eye to depuff the swelling for at least twenty minutes.

Used a dry cleaning agent

Most households invest in expensive dry-cleaning solutions that still don’t get to solve the problem. Letting a used tea bag sit on a carpet stink then vacuuming it helps to get rid of the foul smell leaving it with a nice scent.