Alone for the Holidays? Here’s How to Get the Most of It

Photo by Amy Humphries on Unsplash

This year is not like any other before it. Back in March, when the pandemic started, nobody thought it would last nearly a year, but here we are, with Christmas just around the corner and many people unable to spend it with families like they’re used to. If you’re spending the holidays alone this year, here’s how to stay in a good mood and have fun.

Watch All the Movies

Now is the time to watch as many movies as you physically can. Not just holiday movies, though—catch up on everything you never had the time for. Think of all the social situations where you just wanted to go home and enjoy a movie and some snacks —you can do that now and not feel guilty about it!

Get Cozy

You absolutely can spend a whole day in pajamas, do your nails, take a long bath, and do everything else that makes you feel cozy! In fact, there will never be a more perfect time for that than right now.

Try New Recipes

Unless you absolutely hate cooking, trying new recipes, and then enjoying the food you made will make you feel so good! There’s nobody to judge your choices and nobody to eat the leftovers you wanted for yourself!