Allen Shaw is Using Fallen Leaves to Create Amazing Illustrations

Cold and rainy days aren’t stopping fall from being almost everyone’s favorite season. Fall foliage makes the scenery truly breathtaking and Allen Shaw found a way to incorporate it in his illustrations by using fallen leaves.

Shaw is a Berlin-based Indian artist who enjoys making fall-inspired illustrations every year since this happens to be his favorite season. To celebrate the transformative power of this season, he created a series of illustrations that combine watercolors with fallen leaves.

Shaw’s paintings are pretty simple, but what makes them so special is that he’s constantly coming up with new ways to craft a fun composition using leaves. His paintings are usually based on photographs that he took beforehand and he comes up with a way to arrange the leaves after making his watercolor drawings.

Shaw’s illustrations make it pretty clear that he’s a passionate biker since bicycles happen to be the main motif in many of his illustrations. This isn’t only the case with his fall drawings, but his work in general, and that’s why a scroll through his Instagram feed feels like a long, relaxing bike ride.