All The Beauty Inspo You Need From “Euphoria”

The American adaptation of the Israeli show of the same name “Euphoria” follows a group of teens struggling with their own unique issues. The show is brilliant for all sorts of reasons, and Doniella Davy’s vision of diamante studded beauty and experimental eye shadow is one of them.

Here are some of our favorite beauty looks from the official @euphoria Instagram account.

Diamante Shadow

In this snap, Ari rocks winged eyeliner with a pink lip. What makes the look to the next level is the sparkling shadow with diamante studs around the top of the lid.

Glitter For Everyone

Euphoria delicately tackles issues faced by the show’s trans character. There are many ups and downs on their journey, and glittery shadow with glitter brows is definitely one of the ups.

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first of all, GLAM. #boophoria

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More Is More

Sometimes, more is more. The women on Euphoria are unafraid to embrace bold colors and spread out the sparkles as far as they will go.

Crazy Lashes

We’ve seen a lot of eccentric lashes on the catwalk over the course of Fashion Week, but Doniella Davy was embracing the power of the mega-lash back in summer 2019.

Trendy Brows

Yellow eyebrows sounds like a beauty disaster, but Jules looks beautifully unique with bright, thick brows.

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Finding Jules, before episode 1, Season 1, Euphoria. There were so many ways to interpret her, and I started off in a MUCH different (also heavier, weirder, more aggressive) place than where I ended up. I hesitate to share, because I’m not sure how I feel about some of these looks, but this was part of my design process, so here it is. The first grid is from my first ever makeup test with @hunterschafer, the second grid is from my second test, and the third grid is final “Jules” looks from the show that I haven’t shared yet. Here’s a breakdown of my design process: 1. Test out (envision, draw, test on myself, my team or actors if possible) multiple ideas to see what speaks to and feels authentic to the character’s story and to that particular moment in the script, aka: am I helping to tell the story? Is my contribution not just decorative, but also useful to the viewer? Does it suit the actor’s face and feel believable? 2. Make sure I’m delivering the director/writer’s visual and conceptual vision. Do I have Sam’s blessing? Most of the time, yes! Sometimes, no! Either way, it’s fun to be tasked with trying to figure that out @samlev00 😂🧠👀 3. Incorporate the actors’ interpretations of their characters. Actor input is important to me and part of my design process. It makes me happy when the actors are excited about their makeup and/or have played a role in helping me get there! 4. Look to my team members for creative input, an encouraging head nod or ask them to help me push a look further. We all support each other creatively. @kirinrider @tlangmakeup 5. Ask myself: Does this look reflect my own aesthetic as an artist, aka: Do I F*CKING love this look and stand behind it 100% and want to put it forth into the world!? Does it need something else or something taken away? When steps 1-5 are complete, a @euphoria look is born. 🐣 #euphoriahbomakeup #euphoriahbo

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