All DIY Lovers Should Follow The Sorry Girls on YouTube

YouTube is a great source of DIY tutorials, but it can be difficult to find a single channel that’s constantly sharing great content. Luckily, they do exist, and The Sorry Girls is one of the best possible examples.

This hit channel was started by Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid, who went to university together. In the beginning, the duo focused on small craft projects they could achieve from their dorm, but their projects grew bigger in scale as the years went by.

The Sorry Girls had a clear vision for their YouTube channel—trying new things, sharing them with the world, and hopefully becoming everyone’s go-to channel for DIY inspiration. Ten years, and almost two million subscribers later, it’s safe to say their mission was completed.

One of the best things about the Sorry Girls is the incredible versatility of the videos they share. They can help you create an amazing Disney princess costume for Halloween, but you can also head to their channel if you want to learn how to make mason jar lights or cement planters.

Check them out on YouTube to find some more amazing ideas and life hacks, and we’re sure they’ll become your new favorite DIY source.