5 Safety Tips For Visiting Amusement Parks During COVID-19

Many amusement parks throughout the country are reopening after being closed due to the pandemic. But, things are far from normal and if you plan on visiting them this summer with your family, you should know that you’re taking a risk and there are precautions you need to take. Here are some safety tips for visiting amusement parks.

Social Distance

Social distancing while at amusement parks is difficult and parks like Disney World and Six Flags are using markers on the ground to to make sure guests stay six feet away from each other. They’re also making sure to frequently wipe down handles and railings.

Wear a Mask

Anyone over the age of two should wear a mask when outside, especially at amusement parks where screaming and yelling is common.

Practice Good Hygiene

The best way to protect yourself from the coronavirus is to wear a face mask and to wash your hand often. Make sure you also wipe things down before you use them and that you bring hand sanatizer with you.

Avoid Concessions, Games, and Indoor Activities

Even though these attractions are open, it doesn’t mean it’s safe to partake in them. If an activity isn’t outdoors, try and avoid it and it’s best to stay clear of ticketed games and the gift shop.


Limit Visitors

Try and only bring older kids who can get the most out of the attractions because kids younger than two don’t have to wear masks.