Add Life to Your Walls Without Painting Them

Wanting to change something in your home décor is nothing new, but it takes a lot of time, energy and money to make a big change – like replacing a piece of furniture or painting the walls. Instead of going through this process, you can add just a little life to your space with small details that will make a big change.

Framed Photos

This is an amazing way to fulfill your space and add soul to your home. You can frame your family photos, develop them in black and white and give your space a very modern look. There are plenty of ways to create something interesting with frames, by combining sizes and colors, depending on your home decoration.


Adding wallpapers is probably one of the fastest ways to make a change in your home. Their biggest advantage is that it doesn’t require drilling holes in the wall. You can pick many designs, like nature prints or motifs of your favorite city. You might grow tired of your wallpapers, so choose wisely.


Putting a shelf on your wall will make a big difference and it’s always a great choice. You can place so many details on them and make your rooms look like those from magazines. Be creative, and add boxes, frames, candles, books, and flowers to the mix.