A Recipe For a Vegan Sandwich With Banana Peel is Dividing the Internet

We already know that eating bananas is extremely good for our health – it’s packed with vitamins and minerals and great for digestion and boosting our energy. Up until now, we’ve never used a banana peel in our diet, but it seems like that might change in the near future.

There are many chefs and bloggers who recommend eating banana peels and Melissa Copeland is one of them. Copeland is a vegan food blogger and the founder of The Stingy Vegan blog. She recently shared a mind-blowing recipe for a vegan pulled pork sandwich with banana peels and left her readers speechless.

In this recipe, Copeland used standard ingredients like olive oil, vegan coleslaw, and vegan barbecue sauce with the addition of spices like paprika, chili powder, cumin, and dry mustard. However, the part we haven’t heard about before is that the blogger used banana peel as a substitute for pork. She shredded a banana peel with a fork and mixed it with spices and sauces. Then she fried this up to turn it into a meat-like substitute for her sandwich.

“I was as skeptical as everyone else is when they hear about it for the first time. You’d imagine it would be bitter and fibrous, and I wasn’t expecting it to be good,” Copeland told Insider.

It turns out that banana peels are not only perfectly edible but also very delicious. Guess there’s no harm in trying.