A Look Back at 2020: What Were the Biggest Fashion Trends?

It’s hard to believe that 2020 is almost over. This year has been unexpected and the same can be said for the major fashion trends to emerge. In 2020, fashion was about comfort and practicality, which perfectly reflected our lives during a pandemic. So, what were the biggest trends this year?

The Nap Dress

Hill House Home’s The Nap Dress isn’t quite sleepwear or occasion wear—it’s something in the middle. The Nap Dress has become super trendy this year it’s perfect for well, napping.


Somehow we managed to make sweatsuits look chic this year. While they are shapeless and baggy, wearing matching separates is super stylish.

Silky Sets

As you can see, any clothing that can be worn as sleepwear, became super trendy this year and silky sets are no exception. They’re luxurious and stylish, which makes for pajamas that transition into WFH looks.

Bedding as Clothing

Even though no one asked for the pillow dress trend, it sure did make for great Instagram photos. While pillow dresses aren’t practical, brands are making outwear and accessories from bedding materials and patchwork.

Ribbed Knit Sets

Like sweatsuits, ribbed knit sets require minimal effort and they look instantly chic. The work is done for you as you already have your whole outfit complete.