A Gemstone Globe Would Make a Beautiful Addition To Your Room

Globes come in many shapes and sizes, but they can all make a beautiful addition to any corner of your home. If you still don’t have one in your study, but are thinking of getting it in a nearby future – a gemstone globe is the most artisanal option you could possibly go for.

These globes usually don’t come cheap because of their handcrafted nature and unique design. Countless gemstones are used in their creation, resulting in vibrant world map that will bring a dash of color to your personal space.

Alexander Kalifano is the world’s largest manufacturer of these globes. They come in many different shades, and feature stones that are manually selected and indigenous to the countries that they represent on the geographical map.

In addition to bringing beauty to any space that they inhabit, gemstone globes are also a useful educational tool and important source of inspiration. They’ll provide you with a deeper understanding of the world and a desire to explore its every corner.