7 Liquors You Should be Drinking

Photo by Felipe Benoit Photography on Unsplash

Next time you’re browsing at the liquor store for something different, consider these options:

Old Fitzgerald

This bourbon has a rich history and a lovely honey-vanilla-oak flavor that will satisfy your palate. Best of all, it’s reasonably priced.


Fighting Cock

This wonderful, affordable bourbon has a spicy flavor mixed with caramel and vanilla. It’s potent, but pleasant enough to drink on the rocks.



This 100% authentic absinthe has a long history and an excellent flavor. It’s expensive but worth every cent.

Pinnacle Vodkas

This award-winning flavored vodka is top quality at a reasonable price. Try the strawberry, cranapple and other flavors it comes in.

Don Q Rum

This rum is produced in a far more environmentally friendly way than most others without the rich flavor being compromised.

Del Maguey

With an eye to creating sustainable employment for the people of 12 villages in Mexico, this palatable tequila is produced with a focus on lasting positive impact on the environment.


Not everyone is a fan of gin. Citadelle is relatively inexpensive and has a fruity flavor in comparison with other gins which tend to have a floral flavor.