7 Couple Costume Ideas if You Want to Win Halloween

Halloween is just a month away and that couple who always win the best costume have already started preparing. Here are some of our top couple costume ideas if you want to take home the Halloween crown.

Harley Quinn and The Joker

Harley Quinn and The Joker is an easy costume to nail. The key elements are fishnets, hair dye, and a wicked eye for makeup.


Star-Lord and Gamora

Star-Lord and Gamora are a Marvel couple with a killer look. Good luck beating this family photo though guys.


Bonnie & Clyde

If you’re less into superhero flicks and more into classics, you can’t get more classic than Bonnie & Clyde.

Frankenstein & Frankenstein’s Bride

This is another costume that is fun to play around with as there are so many different depictions of Frankenstein and his bride. This is a chance to unleash your inner goth.


The Shining Twins

If you could make your Stephen King costume a little less terrifying than this one, we’d appreciate it. Thanks.

Leon & Matilda

Far from an obvious choice, this couple has nailed the protagonists of Leon The Professional.


Peter Pan and His Shadow

And if you are after something a little less serious, this Peter Pan costume is sure to get some laughs!