6 Pot Plants That Are Super Easy To Look After

Are you besotted with the potted? Add a splash of color and life to your living space with an indoor pot plant that loves the same conditions you do. Here are six pot plants that are near impossible to kill.

Spider Plant

Spider plants grow quickly and their shoots produce new plants. They only need watering once per week and generally, the rule with spider plants is ‘the more, the better.’


Guiana Chestnut

The Guiana Chestnut is better known by the name “the money tree”. It needs plenty of water and enjoys the sunlight. Other than that, it requires little care.


Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen plants don’t need too much sunlight. They love water and if you overdo it, the plant will not drown.


Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese Money Plant lives in the shade. It is identifiable by its flat, round leaves which have earned the foliage the nickname of “the pancake plant.”



Yucca plants are happy living indoors, as long as they get plenty of sunlight. They also don’t require much water.