6 Adorable DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Handmade Christmas gifts are a great way to show your friends and family you care without having to break the bank. If you’re running low on cute DIY inspo, here are six Christmas gift ideas we know you’ll love.

Love Coupons

Love coupons are a great idea for a homemade gift for your partner. There are a bunch of templates online (or you can design your own!) and you can fill them in with whatever you choose. “Choice of Netflix film” and foot rubs always go down well!


Snow Globe

For a more festive gift, pick up an empty snowglobe online or at your nearest craft store. Choose a photo you love to go inside and sprinkle with glitter, fake snow – whatever you feel reflects the recipient’s personality.


Personalized Cookies

Homebaked goods are always appreciated. To make them more personal, get creative with the decoration so each cookie celebrates something you love about your friend.



Candles are surprisingly simple to make. You can purchase wax chips online for fairly cheap and then melt them into a jar or container of your choosing. There are plenty of tutorials online for flavoring and coloring your candles in creative ways.


Personalized Guess Who

Personalized “Guess Who” was a big hit last Christmas. Print out photos of the family to update the classic board game.


Plant Magnets

A mini plant magnet is a simple and adorable gift. All you need is cork, a succulent, and a magnet strip. Dig a little hole in the cork with a corkscrew and scoop in a little damp soil. Add your succulent then place the magnetic strip on the back of the cork.