5 Ways You Can Reduce Supermarket Plastic

Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

This year, it’s important that everybody does their bit to make their lives more environmentally friendly. Single-use plastic is a big cause for concern and many of us end up throwing away bags full of plastic waste each month. Here are five ways you can reduce supermarket plastic waste.

Bring Your Own Bags

By now, we all have a drawer full of reusable bags in our kitchens. The challenge is to remember to bring them when you shop. Always keep a few in your handbag or in the trunk of your car in case you spontaneously head to the supermarket. Don’t forget to bring smaller bags for fruit and veg as well.

Head To The Deli Counter

For cheeses, meats, and bread, head to the Deli Counter. Here, you will get your produce in a paper bag rather than in sealed plastic.

Plastic Free Trust Mark

Products that use no plastic are stamped with the Plastic Free Trust Mark. Keep an eye out for it and choose these products when you can.

Zero Waste Shops

If you are truly committed to the cause, look up your nearest zero-waste shop and do your shopping here. All food here is brought loose.

Encourage Your Friends

Finally, spread the word on your environmental efforts. It’s not about boasting or guilting anyone into reducing their plastic, it’s about encouraging one another to make the world a little greener, one plastic-free shop at a time.