5 Ways to Celebrate Fourth of July This Year

Fourth of July, like many of the holidays this year, will look different than it did in the past, since many community celebrations and events have been canceled, but you can still celebrate Independence Day in your own special way with your friends and family. Whether it’s being outside soaking up the sun or enjoying time underneath the stars, here are some ways to enjoy the Fourth of July this year.

Bike Parade

Your local parade may be canceled this year, but you can always host your own. Compete with your neighbors to see who can decorate their bikes the most creatively or take a ride with your family into town.


Berry Picking

If you live near berry patches, take advantage of your day off of work and search for U-pick farms around you. After you pick your fruits, enjoy a relaxing picnic with your loved ones. You can use all your berries to make a special Fourth of July dessert!



Pick a quiet space in the park or in your backyard and make your favorite summer foods. Sandwiches, fruits, and some wine are always good choices for a picnic.


Festive Cocktails

Make Instagram worthy cocktails that are the colors of the flag that will get you buzzed. You can always opt for a mocktail or create red, white, and blue jello shots!



Get ready to spend some time in nature singing patriotic songs and taking in the scenery around you over a campfire. Make sure to bring the ingredients for s’mores.