5 Ways to be More “Hygge” This Christmas

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Something about a Scandinavian Christmas conjures up cozy images of warmth and laughter. If you ever wondered what makes their festivities so special, look no further than the Danish concept of “hygge”. Hygge means “embrace” so it can be translated quite literally as a Christmas hug. Here are some top tips to make your Christmas more hygge.

Stay Warm

Cuddling up and sharing a warm Christmas beverage is a central theme. Being hygge is finding things that create fond memories, so choose your loved one’s favorite drink and place blankets all over the house, so there are lots of opportunities to cozy up.

Eat Well

Danes love wholesome food, especially when it’s cold outside. Eating and sharing tasty traditional dishes is central to hygge. But it’s not just about treats smelling of caramelized sugar and cinnamon. It’s important to savor the moment and be mindful of every delicious morsel. For a traditional Danish dish, try pickled herring on rye bread.


A Traditional Christmas Tree

Whilst you may fill your house with festive decorations, the Scandinavian Christmas tree is only put up a few days before Christmas. For a true hygge feel, decorate your tree with wooden heart decorations and replace fairy lights with candles. The more candles around the home the better.

Mulling Over the Wine

Mulled wine is a traditional Christmas drink, shared by family friends all over the world. To be more Scandinavian, be warned – you will need a lot more alcohol. The mulled wine is much stronger. The mulled spices are the same, but then it’s mixed with red wine, brandy and a dollop of spirit, to really warm your belly.

Bring the Outside In

Bringing in plants is not just about protecting them from the outside frost. Nature is central to having hygge in your home. Try making your own wreaths and bouquets to create a more natural earthy Christmas feeling.