5 Unwritten Rules of Hostel Kitchen Etiquette to Keep in Mind

Hostel kitchen
Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels

The communal kitchen is one of the best amenities that most budget-friendly hostels have in store. It’s a great place to prepare your own meal and mingle with other fellow travelers, but there are some unwritten rules you should keep in mind before using it.

Label Your Food

The first thing you should do when arriving at a hostel is to label all your food with your name, room number, and departure dates to avoid possible food mix-ups.

Only Take Free Food

Food theft happens at hostels from time to time, but you should take no part in it. Don’t touch the food that’s already been labeled, and only take things from the “free food” pantry or shelf if one is available.

Cleaning Up

Don’t expect anyone else to clean up after you when you’re staying at a hostel. Make sure to wash all the dishes, utensils, and cooking equipment because other guests might need them, and try to leave the kitchen as clean as you found it.

Waste Disposal

Many hostels offer recycling bins these days, so make sure to be mindful when disposing of your waste and put everything in proper bins.

Time Management

A hostel kitchen isn’t exactly a place where you should experiment with elaborate dishes that take hours to prepare. Other guests will need it too, so try to be as quick as possible, especially during peak hours.