5 Twists on Root Beer Floats

Root beer float
Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash

When we think of root beer floats we’re instantly transported back to our childhood and enjoying them during the summer with our families. The root beer and vanilla ice cream mix is a classic and it’s one of our favorite ways to cool off on a hot day.

Brown Cow

If you’re a chocolate over vanilla type of person, you have to try Brown Cows which use chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla. Some variations use vanilla ice cream, root beer, and chocolate syrup.

Cola Float

Why not try cola instead of root beer? It has a similar taste and it’s just as fizzy. Cherry cola is a delicious option for an interesting take on the dessert.

Purple Cow

Purple Cows are one of the prettiest root beer float variations and they use grape soda instead of root beer, resulting in a fruity taste. Other fruit sodas you can use are strawberry, pineapple, and lemon-lime.

Hard Root Beer Float

For an adult take on this childhood classic, use an alcoholic root beer like Not Your Father’s.

Boston Cooler

An East Coast drink, Boston Coolers use ginger ale instead of root beer and of course, vanilla ice cream.