5 Tips For Your First Bikini Wax

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

Getting a bikini wax sounds like a horrible idea and yet millions of women opt for wax as their first choice for hair removal. After all, waxing provides longer-lasting results and when the hair does grow back, it is finer and softer than before.

If you are heading in for your first wax, here are five tips from frequent waxers to help you prepare.

It’s OK to be nervous

If you are feeling a little shy, that’s absolutely fine! The idea of being waxed by a stranger is enough to make anyone feel nervous. Remind yourself that everyone feels like this and your beautician has seen hundreds of women prior to you. There is really nothing to be embarrassed about.

Take a hot bath before your appointment

Taking a hot bath before your appointment softens the skin and helps the wax remove the hair easier. Clearing dead skin and dirt also helps it hurt less.

Dress comfortably

After your wax, make sure you have something loose and comfortable to change into. If you are feeling sore, the last thing you will want is to slip into a pair of skinny jeans.

Choose your shape

Do you want a hollywood or a brazillian? Before you head to your appointment, research the different shapes and styles. That way, you’ll know what to answer when your therapist asks.

Don’t shave between appointments

Finally, try and resist the temptation to shave between appointments. This makes the hair grow back coarser which will undo some of the benefits of waxing. You also need to have at least half an inch of hair for the wax to stick.