5 Tips For Getting More Instagram Followers

Photo by Maria Shanina on Unsplash

Fancy yourself a micro-influencer? Micro-influencers only need to have over 1,000 followers for companies to start giving them freebies and actual cash to promote their products. If the influencer life and the perks that come with it sound up your street, follow these 5 tips for getting more followers on your Insta.

Post Good Quality Photos

In order to stand out on Instagram you need to post good quality photos. This means taking the time to choose your shot and edit it well. Posting poor or borrowed photos is an easy way to lose followers fast.

Use Relavent Hashtags

There is no shame in going mad with the hashtags on Instagram. Hashtagging properly increases the chances of people finding you and following your awesome account. Just keep them relevant.


Keep Up With Trends

Keeping up with trends is another good way to get people checking out your account. Find out which hashtags are trending and use them to get your photos trending too.

Follow Other Accounts

Some people still believe that following more accounts than you have following you is uncool. It’s not. Following other accounts is a good way to connect with other people in the Insta community and engaging will make them feel more inclined to check out your posts.


Post Great Content

As well as taking good photos, it’s important to post great content. If users get something from your account such as fashion tips or entertaining content, they’re more likely to value your account and want your posts on their feed.