5 Tips For Eliminating Acne

Everybody gets the odd spot here and there but if acne is getting you down, there are some steps you can take to help clear up your skin and keep it happy.

Cleanse Twice a Day

Remove excess dirt and oil from skin by washing your face regularly. This means twice a day – morning and evening. Don’t just wash your face when you are taking off makeup.

Choose Oil-Free Makeup

Wearing makeup when you have acne-prone skin is absolutely fine, but we recommend that you are selective with which makeup you choose. Oil-free foundations and BB creams will conceal your spots without exacerbating the problem.


Do Not Pick Your Spots

Do not pick or squeeze your spots. As tempting as it is, picking and squeezing should be avoided. It can lead to scarring and skin damage.


Keep Hair Clean

Keep your hair clean to avoid excess oils touching your face. If you have no time for a hair wash, wear your hair back to prevent acne from developing. If you use hairspray, try to avoid your face when you spray.



Instead of using toothpaste to dry out your spots, use a prescribed retinoid product on your skin before bed. This will reduce the formation of new spots by unclogging pores and calming inflammation.