5 Sneaky Tips for Keeping Warm in Winter

Photo by Joe Yates on Unsplash

If you’re suffering from the Winter chills or are heading somewhere chilly on your travels, you might be dreading heading outside. You’ve put on your favourite hat and even pulled out an old scarf but you’re still f-f-freezing.

Here are 5 additional tips for keeping warm when the weather won’t.

Have a Good Breakfast

Starting the day off with a hearty breakfast such as oatmeal will ensure that your body has the fuel it needs to keep you warm.


Rub Your Wrists

Rubbing your wrists can actually help your body warm you up faster. On your wrists you have pulse points and heating this area will help heat your blood and get it pumping to the rest of your body.


Layer Your Socks

Feet are a part of the body that often seem to suffer extra from the cold. If you don’t have a thermal pair, layer your socks to increase insulation and stop heat escaping through your toes.


Body heat has a habit of escaping through your ears because they are a part of the body which are usually exposed. Make sure you get a hat that covers them completely or even better, grab a pair of earmuffs.


Wear Wool

Wool retains heat even when it’s wet. A woollen jumper or coat will keep you warm even on the coldest of days so it really is a good investment.