5 Signs Your Perfume Has Expired

Chances are you have several perfumes you’ve collected throughout the year, but there’s one that you use on a daily basis. So, are the perfumes sitting on your dresser still good? In general, perfumes last around one year after they’ve been purchased and opened. But, each perfume is different and it depends on the ingredients and how you store it. Most fragrances don’t have expiration dates, but here are some signs to look out for that it’s time to throw away your perfume.


Smells Different

You can smell when a perfume starts to turn acidic and if you smell something that wasn’t there before, it’s time to toss it. Your fragrance should smell just like it did when you bought it.

The Outer Edge Has Started to Crystalize

When the outer edge of the dispenser starts to crystalize, it means the product is starting to oxidize and it’s becoming rancid. Wipe the bottle off with a dry towel and if it smells stale, get rid of it.


It’s Opaque

When fragrances age the preservatives start to fail, causing them to become opaque, which means bacteria and mold have started to grow. If it’s only starting to lose its color, it may be due to light or heat exposure and it’s probably fine to use.

You Get a Rash

If fragrances cause you to get rashes you shouldn’t use them and if it happens to your favorite perfume you’ve been wearing, it means the ingredients have gone bad.


Check Batch Code

The easiest way to check if the fragrance is expired is to find the batch code, which is usually on the underside of the bottle. You can check it at checkfresh.com and if you have the box, the expiration date is listed as a PAO, which is the number of months the products lasts once it’s opened.