5 Natural Ways to Avoid the Winter Blues

Photo by Daniel Bowman on Unsplash

We might have just passed the shortest day of the year—the Winter Solstice—but that doesn’t mean we’re proverbially out of the dark just yet.

For anyone who battles seasonal depression or is merely privy to the winter blues, test out the following natural tricks to abate your cold-weather slump:

Explore the great outdoors

It may be frosty, but activity in the winter air will do you better than hibernating inside all season long.


Embrace the season

Drink more hot teas and ciders, eat soups and stews, and warm yourself by the fire.


Chase the sun

Make sure to catch some vitamin D while it lasts, either on a normal day or for a quick getaway to a warmer locale.


Invest in a light box

Light boxes by your bedside can help battle seasonal depression.


Maintain control

Wash your hands often and moisturize your skin and lips; maintain control of seasonal effects before they take control over you.