5 home hacks to make your small space seem bigger

Image via projecthomeworks/Instagram

Good interior design and thoughtful floor plans shouldn’t be reserved only for those who have palatial pads with expansive budgets. Even us poor students, struggling artists, and paycheck-to-paycheck workers could use and deserve a little upgrade or two in our humble spaces, no matter how pinched our pocketbooks may be.

Thankfully, interior design enthusiasts and professionals have taken to the internet in order to showcase tried and true ways to maximize space in even the tiniest digs. There’s no need to worry about how small, old, or dilapidated your space may be; no matter what condition your dwelling is in, there’s a hack or two to fix and/or upgrade what you have in order to make your apartment your house a true home:

Send the eye’s focus upwards

Use mirrors to reflect natural light

Add a rug to delineate different spaces in a studio

Use a cubby bookcase as a room divider

Go monochrome to avoid busyness